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Fine lines, wrinkles & Skin Ageing

Treatment for facial wrinkles

Shubham skin clinic at Pune Sinhagad road offers best advance treatments for fine lines, wrinkles & skin ageing.
The signs of ageing on face start to show as early as the end of 40 years of life. It may start early in some individuals. Over the years of our life skin losses its elasticity because it produces less collagen & elastic fibers which are essential to keep the integrity & tone of skin. Sun exposure also affects collagen & elastic fibers. As we age our muscles also become week. This result in wakening of connective tissue which causes the skin to lose its tone. Skin becomes flabby & wrinkled. Fine lines also appeared on face due to ageing. Due to gravity wrinkles always develop downwards as sagging cheeks & drooping eyelids.Usually wrinkles appeared on forehead, between eyebrows & around eyes. As a result of facial expressions & other movements that are often repeated, wrinkles increase day by day so early treatment is required to avoid permanent wrinkles called as static lines. We have best different types of treatment to keep your age as minimum as possible & keep you younger & younger. But every treatment has different role & results may vary from treatment to treatment & patient to patient.