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Hair Loss In Males ( Baldness) & Females

treatment for hair loss

Hair loss is very common problem now a day’s & it hampers your personality very badly. So its treatment is a priority. We provide best scientific & effective solution for hair loss. But before treating it we should understand its types & its causes. There are many causes of hair loss in males & females. Hair loss may be due to nutritional deficiency, autoimmune like alopecia areata, due to stress, due to any other systemic disease like thyroid, hormonal like androgenetic alopecia, due to any medications taken for any other problem ,due to any previous illness, genetic ( Heredity) ,after delivery in females etc. Hair straightening is one of the causes for hair loss in females. Because in hair straightening a particular chemical & heating is used which is harmful to hairs.

​ So before going for treatment we have to rule out the exact cause & treat accordingly. But in hair loss sometimes there are limitations for treatment and results of treatment vary from patient to patient. Inspire of that we have best, safe, painless & effective treatments for hair loss & type of treatment depends on the stage of hair loss.

Baldness is severe stage having no hairs on head. The most common form of baldness is androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. This usually occurs in adult males & rarely in females. The severity & pattern of baldness vary from patient to patient. Baldness is nowadays very common & it affects your confidence & personality very badly & increases your psychological stress. Usually medicines do not work in baldness & treatment of choice is only hair transplantation.