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Cosmetic Surgery

treatment for superficial cosmetic problems

Shubham skin clinic at Pune Sinhagad road offers cosmetic surgery treatment for superficial cosmetic problems like skin tags, moles, cyst, lipoma, warts and other skin growths.Plastic surgery has two branches, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery.
Cosmetic surgery aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of a person, while plastic surgery may include this, or just the reconstruction (reconstructive surgery). Reconstructive plastic surgery aims to improve function; however, it may also involve trying to approximate normal appearance, but that is not its primary function. Reconstructive plastic surgery is often done by plastic surgeons. Here we are dealing with only superficial cosmetic surgery.Many times skin tags, lypoma, moles, any other skin growth on face etc affects our aesthetic appearance. Here in our clinic we provide all cosmetic surgeries according to the problem.
Following are some treatments we provide for cosmetic problems.
Radio / Electro surgery
Fractional Co2 Laser
​• NHET Surgery