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Sun / Photo Damage Skin & Tanning

Skin treatment at Shubham skin clinic

Shubham skin clinic at Pune Sinhagad road offers best treatments for sun/ photo damage skin to improve skin tone & texture.Studies have shown that ultraviolet rays present in sun are harmful to our skin. Sun damages skin surface by destroying collagen & elastin present in our skin. Collagen & elastic fibers present in our skin are essential to maintain normal tone & luster of skin. So over sun exposure creates wrinkles on our skin and makes our skin look dull & older. In this way sun exposure can lead to ageing process in both males & females.Also over sun exposure stimulate skin to secrete more melanin & it lead to darkening of skin which is called as tanning. Tanning usually occurs on face, neck & hands. Results of treatment in both sun damage skin & tanning are very good because these are superficial problems.